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What does Heritage Watch Do?

Cambodia’s great archaeological heritage is being decimated by widespread looting.  Heritage Watch is a non-profit organization dedicated to halting this destruction and saving Cambodia’s cultural legacy.

Heritage Watch seeks to:
•    Create greater public awareness about Cambodia's fascinating heritage. 

•    Discourage heritage destruction and the illegal trade of antiquities.

•    Encourage and highlight responsible tourism - including promotion of alternative destinations to alleviate stress on heritage sites.

•    Bring together the private, public and non-governmental sectors in a nation wide campaign of collaboration and cooperation. 

•    Encourage businesses to promote the arts, culture, heritage and development projects in Cambodia. 

•    Promote Heritage Watch principles directly to the Cambodian community

Origins of Heritage Watch

Heritage Watch was founded in 2003 by archaeologist Dougald O'Reilly following the rampant looting of Phum Snay, an immense Iron Age burial ground in Cambodia’s northwest. After its discovery in 1999, Phum Snay was decimated by looters seeking its rich grave offerings—beautiful ceramics, iron weapons and gold and bronze jewelry. Realizing that an entire chapter of Cambodia’s history was disappearing, he and a range of dedicated colleagues made it their mission to promote the protection of the country’s heritage. To better achieve this goal, they founded Heritage Watch.


Tourism for Tomorrow Finalist

People Award 


Archaeological Institute of America

Site Preservation Grant 2009-2010

The Bodhi Tree Foundation Grant

Tourism for Tomorrow Finalist

Destination Stewardship Award 


Archaeological Institute of America

Conservation and Heritage

Management Award 2009

Tourism Cares Award 2007

Pacific Asia Travel Association

Gold Award 2007

United States Ambassador's Fund

Heritage Preservation 2004 and 2006

Board of Governors

Director: Mr Un Moninita

Dr Dougald O'Reilly

Ms Joyce Clark
Mr Darryl Collins 

H.E. Kong Vireak

Dr Ea Darith

H.E. Kim Sedara


Mr Im Sokrithy


Mr Etienne Clemént


Dr Nancy Beavan


Prof. Bion Griffin


H.E. Dr Heng Sophady


Mr Richard Engelhardt

Advisory Board

Mr Kent Davis
DatAsia Inc.

Dr Neil Brodie
University of Oxford

H.E. Dr Chau Sun Kerya
APSARA Authority

Prof. Richard Leventhal 
Penn Cultural Heritage Center

Prof. Richard MacKay AM  
Godden Mackay Logan Pty Ltd/La Trobe University

Dr John Miksic 
University of Singapore

Prof. Miriam Stark
University of Hawai'i

Mr  Simon Warrack
Stone Conservator/ICCROM consultant

Prof. Timothy Winter
Deakin University 

Terressa Davis
Executive Director, The Antiquities Coalition

H.E. Dr Hang Poeu

APSARA Authority

H.E. Prak Sonnara 

Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts, Phnom Penh

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